Layka: Black Malinois Protection Dog, KNPV PH1 Met Lof, F

black malinois in front of christmas tree

Layka: Belgian Malinois FAMILY PROTECTION DOG, LEVEL 3 Layka, Christmas 2016 Layka, sitting in trainer’s dining room Layka, in the holiday spirit Name: Layka Age: 3.5 Sex: Female Breed: Malinois Import Country: Dutch Workability: Titled: KNPV PH1 Met Lof, Over the top in the protection phase, picture perfect obedience, … Read the Rest

Irock: Malinois Personal Protection Dog, French Ring, M

malinois protection dog on playground

Irock: Belgian Malinois PERSONAL PROTECTION DOG, LEVEL 1 Irock, Belgian Malinois Level 1 : Personal Protection Dog Name:Irock Age:2 Sex:Male Breed:Malinois Import Country:France Workability:Titled: French Ring, Excellent dog in every aspect. Picture perfect obedience.Temperament:Raised in a home, with children. Trained:Level 1 Price:Call For Price

Lord: K9 German Shepherd Estate Protection Dog

lord a black german shepherd

Lord: German Shepherd ESTATE PROTECTION DOG, LEVEL 2  Name:LordAge:2Sex:MaleBreed:GSDImport Country:GermanyWorkability:Excellent in the protection phase, excellent obedience.Temperament:Social Dog with fun social demeanor.Protection Trained:Level 2Price:Call For Price

Kate: Malinois Home Protection Dog, F, KNPV PH1


Kate: Belgian Malinois HOME PROTECTION DOG, LEVEL 3 Name: Kate Age: 3.5 Sex: Female Breed: Malinois Import Country: Dutch Workability: Titled: KNPV PH1, Over the top drive in the work, Top level female in every aspect Temperament: Social, loving, dog—very protective—an attentive, protective guardian for any home Protection Trained: … Read the Rest

Junior: Malinois Family Protection Dog, KNPV Met Lof, M

black malinois in profile by lake

Junior: Belgian Malinois FAMILY PROTECTION DOG, LEVEL 3 Junior, Belgian Malinois Level 3 : Personal Protection Dog Name:JuniorAge:3Sex:MaleBreed:MalinoisImport Country:DutchWorkability:Titled: KNPV PH1 Met Lof, Raised in a home social dog that excels in every aspect of the work.Temperament:A true protector and a fantastic addition to any homeTrained:Level 3Price:Call For Price

Ikks: Malinois Family Protection Dog, French Ring 2, M

ikks, a french ring titled belgian malinois

Ikks: Belgian Malinois FAMILY PROTECTION DOG, LEVEL 3 Ikks on Frech Ring CourseIkks after training Name:IkksAge:2Sex:MaleBreed:MalinoisImport Country:FranceWorkability:Titled: French Ring 2, Social dog raised in a home. Excellent obedience and stunning looking dog. Protection is second to none.Temperament:Fun, flashy dog, very social (raised in home), aims to please every member of … Read the Rest