Fibi: GSD Level 3 Family Protection Dog

Fibi: German Shepherd FAMILY PROTECTION DOG, LEVEL 3 Larger Photo Name: Fibi Age: 3 Sex: Female Breed: German Shepherd Import Country: Slovakia Workability: Titled SVV 1, Excellent obedience always wiling to please. Excels in the protection phase … Read the Rest

Protection Dogs as Service Dogs

Girl in leopard print coat with Belgian Malinois guardian

Canines have a long history of helping those in need. Whether they are guiding the visually impaired, retrieving help for the injured, or just providing companionship to those in need of emotional support, dogs have helped improved … Read the Rest

KNPV: Water Exercises


One reason we like KNPV is because it is a lot closer to real police and protection work than other dog sports because it comes the closest to mimicking real scenarios. A scenario seen in KNPV that … Read the Rest