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We provide fully trained Protection dogs delivered to your home. The biggest difference from Scott’s Police K9 and other companies is experience. We are a company made up of current and or former Police K9 Handlers and Military. We have real world experience and know what it takes to properly train a Family Protection Dog. We train our Home Protection dogs the exact same way as our Police Dogs, with the exception that each and every dog lives in each trainers home. 1000′s of hours go into the training of our dogs, nothing is left unchecked prior to delivery. We believe that the only way to ensure that your family and your new K9 are set up for success is to deliver the Protection Dog and work with you and your entire family. We are also always available for questions before and after purchase, we feel that this is an intimate purchase and take the time to find out your lifestyle and family dynamic in order to place you with the absolute best Trained Protection dog.


Over the years we have sold 100′s of dogs all over the world, we fly to Europe to test and ensure that we have the top dogs in our kennel. We have completed many Government Contracts and sold to Police Dept all over the US. We are not Sport Trainers or a company made up of people with no real world experience. I often say how can someone train a dog to actually bite someone if they have never had to actually use their K9 in a real situation. Our training and trainers are all street proven, over and over again. It takes time to properly train a true protection dog, one that will be a loving family member but also protection your family with its life. Only after years of real world experience can someone say that they are capable of doing this.


We offer the same guarantee on our Family protection Dogs as we do with our Police Dogs. We are all certified Mater Trainers meaning, we are the trainers that actually certify whether a Police K9 Team can work the streets. This is something that takes years to obtain and very few kennels selling protection dogs can say the same thing. We are fully licensed by the ATF and the DEA, yes we have real Narcotics and real Explosives. The owner of the company Steve Scott overseas all of the training of the Protection Dogs and delivers almost all of the dogs himself. You are getting the same person training you that Police Depts, US Government, and the Iraq Government have train their handlers.


We would welcome the chance to speak with you in detail about your needs of a Family Protection Dog. Call us @ 919-939-6003

kidsanddogGuard dogs for sale. We deliver each dog to your home and conduct a Handler Course with your family. By delivering the dog we can ensure that you are properly trained on how to use your new Protection Dog.


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